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27 Nov 2011 Australia: Added Australian Transport Security Program information
27 Nov 2011 Australia: Added Australian Advance Passenger Processing Information
01 Jul 2010 New Zealand: AIC: Antarctic ATC routes renamed for centenary of Amundsen/Scott exploration of S Pole




Pacific Organised Track System (PACOTS) - Track Users Guide for Dispatchers
Current - Issue 1,July 2009 Published by Oakland & Anchorage ARTCCs
Detailed guide to the PACOTS system - Quick Reference Sheet, Track Advisories, Slot Availability Message, Reservation Slot Message, Flight request messages.



Australian Organised Track System (AUSOTS) - Operational Concept
Current - Issue 1, 2005 Published by Airservices Australia

Concept of AUSOTS, Track Structure, Track Management System.



Australian Organised Track System (AUSOTS) - Dispatchers Guide
Current - Issue 1.1, 2005 Published by Airservices Australia
Geographical boundaries, Brisbane, Melbourne FIRs; Track Coordination Message/TCM, Track Definition Message/TDM


Sydney/YSSY - List of Aircraft permitted to land during curfew hours
Current - Issued 2005 Published by the Austrlian Department of Transport
A number of business aircraft are exempt from the Sydney Kingsford Smith airport curfew - this lists them.





  Pacific Ocean User Preferred Routes
Current - Issued March 2008 Published by the FAA
An Oakland Oceanic ARTCC presentation on the current status and future progress of User Preferred Routes (UPRs) across the Pacific, inclusing Oakland, Auckland, Moresby, Caledonia, and Nadi FIRs.


Operational Trial of 30nm separation in the Oakland Oceanic FIR
Issued 22 Dec 2005
Published by the FAA


Pacific Project
2009 Published by IATA
Short IATA Document outlining its suggestions for developments in the Pacific Track & User Preferred Route system. Some useful background maps.


Long Haul Flight Planning
2009 Published by Emirates Airline
A very interesting look at some operational challenges of planning flights from Dubai, covering briefly the operations of the AUSOTS Track System.






  Introduction of Radio Telephony in the South Pacific
Not current! - Issued 15 Oct 1950 Published by ICAO

A look back in time.

  Aviation in the South Pacific
Issued 2007 Published by the Asian Development Bank

A review of the current and historical operations of airlines in the South Pacific.


Air Ferry Routes in the Pacific
1942 Article by Donald Fitzgerald

The development of aviation in the Pacific was largely advanced by the Second World War.



Country Specific Documents



Australian Advance Passenger Processing Information

Australian Transport Security Program information - requirements for business aviation, airlines.

YSSY/Sydney Curfew List - list of aircraft permitted to land during Curfew hours.

Overflight/Landing Permit Australia


  New Zealand

New Zealand Airspace - a guide

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Implementation in NZ




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