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1 Nov 10 Eurocontrol publishes newsletter on ADS-B progress
1 Dec 09 ICAO publishes Newsletter outlining current developments in PBN
10 Feb 09 Australia sets compliance date at December 2013 for ADS-B above FL290



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The developments in the future of air navigation systems (FANS) are divided into CNS/ATM - Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management.


Communications covers how ATC 'talks' to aircraft. In the old days, this was morse code, then voice over VHF and HF Radio - today many centres are moving towards CPDLC (Datalink communication)


Navigation is the method used to determine position and to find direction. Traditional: Dead Reckoning, Radio beacons

(NDB/VOR), and later INS and IRS with Radio updates. Developing: GPS/GNSS added, and regulated by requirements in RNP (Required Navigation Performance) - a term being replaced by PBN (Performance Based Navigation)


Surveillance is how ATC receives that position - traditionally radar, but increasingly ADS-B/C, and Multilateration.


ATM in this instance refers to the changes in how Air Traffic Control facilities operate internally, and interact with each other. In Europe, the Single European Sky Initiative is an example of ATM development.


OUR FOCUS here is how these changes affect you as an Aircraft Operator, or Pilot. Updates will appear above, and the documents below are intended as useful background reading on the changes.







Voice - HF, VHF

Datalink - Acars, SITA
CPDLC (Controller-Pilot datalink communication)


SITA - services and coverage maps
Current - Issued Jan09 Published by SITA
A look at SITA services, SITA Ground Network, AIRCOM service, VHF & Satellite coverage maps, and Datalink traffic demand.





PBN/Performance Based Navigation

RNP/Required Navigation Performance

BRNAV/Basic Area Navigation


RNP - a background, and its use in US Oceanic Airspace
Current - Issued Jun09 Published by the FAA
A brief synopsis of RNP, its development, and the usage and changes in Oakland, WATRS, Miami ARTCC.


PBN Implementation Plans:
- FAA (named Next Gen)

- Airways New Zealand

- Asia Pacific Region

- AFI/Africa Region
Current - Issued 2009-2010 Published by ICAO and National ATS Authorities
These implementation plans provide some useful background reading on PBN, the theory and concepts behind it, and the current state of play in the areas listed above.


"Waypoints" - The newsletter of the ICAO PBN taskforce
Issued Dec09 Published by ICAO


PBN Implementation Roadmap - India
Current - Issued Sep09 Published by the Airports Authority of India





Primary Radar
Secondary Radar (with Mode A/C)
Mode S


2009 Published by ERA
A presentation on the possibilities of Multilateration - the fast growing alternative and possible replacement for Radar

ADS-B deployment plans in Europe
Mar 2009 Published by Eurocontrol
A timeline and implementation details for ADS-B in Europe



FAA ADS-B program status for the US
Apr 2009 Published by the FAA
A timeline and implementation details for ADS-B in the US


  Airbus status on ADS-B out
2007 Published by, funnily enough, Airbus

  Boeing Perspectives on ADS-B
2008 Published by Boeing

  Report on the operational trial of Waypoint Reporting (FMC WPR)
Current - Issued Mar08
Published by the ISPACG
In October 2007 Airways New Zealand and Air New Zealand commenced an operational trial of Waypoint Reporting (FMC WPR) in the Auckland Oceanic FIR. A number of airlines routinely receive ACARS position reports from their aircraft via satellite as part of their Airline Operational Control (AOC) flight monitoring. These position reports can be forwarded to an ATS provider and used to replace HF voice position reports. This method of delivery for aircraft position reports is known as Flight Management Computer Way Point Reporting (FMC WPR)




ATM - Air Traffic Management Modernising the US Oceanic ATC System
1998 Published by NATCA
An older document now, but provides an interesting look at the Oceanic ARTCCs.

  Evaluating the European Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs)
2008 Published by Eurocontrol




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