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21 Oct 10 Colombia: Change to Overflight Permit requests
15 Oct 10 Argentina: Closure of Aeroparque/Buenos Aires for month of November



  Caribbean and South American Basic Air Navigation Plan (Basic ANP)
Current Published ICAO
A detailed document providing a good source of information for Airspace, Navigation, Communications, and ATC in South America.

  Caribbean and South American Basic Air Navigation Plan (Facilities and Services)
Current - Issued Jun09 Published ICAO
Part 2 of the ANP, contains specific facilities information for Airports in South America, and some useful planning charts.

  ATC Operations in Brazilian Airspace
Current - Issued Jun07 Published by IFALPA
Pilot orientated bulletin following an incident in 2007.

  Caribbean/South America RVSM Concept of Operations
Current - Issued Oct03 Published by ICAO
An ICAO document detailing the introduction of RVSM in South America and the Caribbean.





  Interim Procedures for monitoring RVSM in Dakar and Alantico FIRs
Issued 2007 Published by IFALPA
Background to a recommendation to contact these ACCs 5 mins prior to boundary crossing.




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