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Landing: Permits are required for all flights entering Cuban Airspace in the Havana FIR. Permits are processed through World Air Ops direct to Civil Aviation in Havana. Normal processing time is 3 days. Short-Notice and Same-Day permits are generally available during weekdays. Landing: Permits are required for all flights. Normally 3 days, but shorter and same day notice is possible. For Airline AOG traffic, 1 hour turnaround can be achieved on permit approval. Contact permits@worldairops.com for further details


Information Required for Permit

Operator Name and Address, Registration, Callsign, Departure Point and Time, Arrival Point and Time. ATC Route is not required. IACC charge a processing fee of $7.50 per leg, and Navigation charges are paid in advance.


US Gateway Airports

Prior to 26SEP2011, all aircraft departing U.S. for Cuba were restricted to KMIA, KJFK, or KLAX. There are now 19 U.S. airports available for direct departures to Cuba - KATL, KAUS, KBWI, KORD, KDFW, KFLL, KIAH, KJFK, KLAX, KEYW, KMIA, KMSY, KOAK, KMCO, KPBI, KPIT, TJSJ, KRSW, and KTPA.


Additional Services

As well as permit assistance, World Air Ops provides Ground Handling and Contract Fuel (Jet A1 only) at most locations in Cuba, including the primary airport MUHA/Havana Jose Marti. Contact flt.sup@worldairops.com with your requirements.


If you are flight planning an international trip, you may wish to use our complimentary TripCheck™ service for a quick review of permits and important information.




National Civil Aviation Authority:

Instituto de Aeronautica Civil de Cuba (IACC)



Calle 23 No. 64, La Rampa, Vedado
La Habana 10400






World Air Ops offers full handling and fuel services in MUHA/Havana






Permit Types available through World Air Ops:

Non-scheduled Overflight Permit / Overflight Clearance

Non-scheduled Landing Permit

Special Flight Authorisation

Ferry Permit / Special Flight Permit / Permit to Fly

Scheduled Airline Overflight Permit (Season Block)

Diplomatic Clearance / Diplomatic Overflight and Landing Permit

Dangerous Goods / Weapons Authorisation

Traffic Rights, Charter Flight Permit, Airport Slots




How do I get a permit?

Simply click the Contact Us button below, and where possible we will be with you within 15 minutes. Applications can be made on your behalf same day, and expedited service is available depending on the type of flight.


What documents do I need?

For the majority of one-off permit applications, we will require a PDF copy of the following:

- Aircraft Certificate of Registration

- Aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness (If restricted please supply details)

- Insurance Certificate showing worldwide coverage or country specific coverage

- Pilot License and Medical



Airline, Flight Ops, and Pilot Assistance
Our target response time is 15 minutes. Contact us - we are here to help.


Contact us


Contact us


15 minute response

Have a question about permits? We know that you probably want an answer fast. Our response target time is 15 minutes.


If you prefer, you can email us at flt.sup@worldairops.com or call us on +1 747 200 1993 - press 1 for operations.





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