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Overflight: Permit required all flights. No docs required for app. Disinsection required. US visa reciprocal fee $140. Domestic Airport can be requested as entry port. Volcano and earthquake risk. Special flight planning requirements for Easter Island (PNR and slot system).


Airports of Entry (non International on request)

Antofagasta Antofagasta SCFA ANF Cerro Moreno International Airport Arica Arica & Parinacota SCAR ARI Chacalluta International Airport Balmaceda Aisén SCBA BBA Balmaceda Airport Chile Chico Aisén SCCC CCH Chile Chico Airport Concepción Biobío SCIE CCP Carriel Sur International Airport Calama Antofagasta SCCF CJC El Loa Airport Chañaral Atacama SCRA CNR Chañaral Airport Coquimbo Coquimbo SCQB COW Coquimbo Airport Copiapó Atacama SCAT CPO Desierto de Atacama Airport El Salvador Atacama SCES ESR Ricardo García Posada Airport Futaleufú Los Lagos SCFT FFU Futaleufú Airport Coihaique Aisén SCCY GXQ Teniente Vidal Airfield Isla de Pascua Valparaíso SCIP IPC Mataveri International Airport Iquique Tarapacá SCDA IQQ Diego Aracena International Airport Viña del Mar - Concón Valparaíso SCVM KNA Viña del Mar Airport Cochrane Aisén SCHR LGR Cochrane Airfield Los Andes Valparaíso SCAN LOB San Rafael Airport La Serena Coquimbo SCSE LSC La Florida Airport Los Ángeles Biobío SCGE LSQ María Dolores Airport Palmilla Biobío SCAG LSQ Agua Santa Airport Dalcahue Los Lagos SCPQ MHC Mocopulli Airport Ovalle Coquimbo SCOV OVL El Tuqui Airport Puerto Montt Los Lagos SCTE PMC El Tepual Airport Puerto Natales Magallanes & Antártica SCNT PNT Teniente Julio Gallardo Airport Punta Arenas Magallanes & Antártica SCCI PUQ Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport Puerto Varas Los Lagos SCPV PUX El Mirador Airport Rancagua O'Higgins SCRG QRC Rancagua de la Independencia Airport Chuquicamata Antofagasta SCKU QUI Chuquicamata Airport Potrerillos Atacama SCPL RER Calpulli Airport Santiago Santiago Metropolitan SCEL SCL Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport Cerro Sombrero Magallanes & Antártica SCSB SMB Franco Bianco Airport San Felipe Valparaíso SCSF SSD Víctor Lafón Airport Talca Maule SCTL TLX Panguilemo Airport Isla Rey Jorge (King George Island) Magallanes & Antártica SCRM TNM Teniente R. Marsh Airport Tocopilla Antofagasta SCBE TOQ Barriles Airport Taltal Antofagasta SCTT TTC Las Breas Airport Santiago Santiago Metropolitan SCTI ULC Los Cerrillos Airport Casablanca Valparaíso SCVA VAP Viñamar Airport Viña del Mar Valparaíso SCRD VAP Rodelillo Airfield Vallenar Atacama SCLL VLR Vallenar Airport Alto Palena Los Lagos SCAP WAP Alto Palena Airfield Castro Los Lagos SCST WCA Gamboa Airport Chaitén Los Lagos SCTN WCH Chaitén Airport Puerto Aisén Aisén SCAS WPA Cabo Juan Román Airfield Porvenir Magallanes & Antártica SCFM WPR Capitán Fuentes Martínez Airport Puerto Williams Magallanes & Antártica SCGZ WPU Guardia Marina Zañartu Airport Chillán Biobío SCCH YAI General Bernardo O'Higgins Airport Valdivia Los Lagos SCVD ZAL Pichoy Airfield Santiago Santiago Metropolitan SCBQ ZBQ El Bosque Airport Temuco La Araucanía SCTC ZCO Maquehue Airport Curicó Maule SCIC ZCQ General Freire Airfield Victoria La Araucanía SCTO ZIC Victoria Airport Linares Maule SCLN ZLR Linares Airport Osorno Los Lagos SCJO ZOS Cañal Bajo Carlos Hott Siebert Airport Pucón La Araucanía SCPC ZPC Pucón Airport Ancud Los Lagos SCAC ZUD Pupelde Airport


Additional Services

As well as permit assistance, World Air Ops can provide Ground Handling and Contract Fuel at most locations in the country. Contact flt.sup@worldairops.com with your requirements.


If you are flight planning an international trip, you may wish to use our complimentary TripCheck™ service for a quick review of permits and important information.




National Civil Aviation Authority:

Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil



Avda. Miguel Claro 1314
Clasificador 3, Correo 9, Providencia
Santiago - C.P. 6641207









Permit Types available through World Air Ops:

Non-scheduled Overflight Permit / Overflight Clearance

Non-scheduled Landing Permit

Special Flight Authorisation

Ferry Permit / Special Flight Permit / Permit to Fly

Scheduled Airline Overflight Permit (Season Block)

Diplomatic Clearance / Diplomatic Overflight and Landing Permit

Dangerous Goods / Weapons Authorisation

Traffic Rights, Charter Flight Permit, Airport Slots




How do I get a permit?

Simply click the Contact Us button below, and where possible we will be with you within 15 minutes. Applications can be made on your behalf same day, and expedited service is available depending on the type of flight.


What documents do I need?

For the majority of one-off permit applications, we will require a PDF copy of the following:

- Aircraft Certificate of Registration

- Aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness (If restricted please supply details)

- Insurance Certificate showing worldwide coverage or country specific coverage

- Pilot License and Medical



Airline, Flight Ops, and Pilot Assistance
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Contact us


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Have a question about permits? We know that you probably want an answer fast. Our response target time is 15 minutes.


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